20 August 2010


This article is kindof old, since it was written over a year ago, but the ideas can still be used today. It is how to improve your emotional health. A key factor that is described--volunteering! Yes, that is right! Volunteering provides you with an overall good feeling. It is a win-win situation--you help out those in needs while also increasing your own happiness! Read the other factors that can help to improve your emotional health as well.

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Today's the Day!

So today is the day of the test that determines a great majority of my years to come. That's right--it's the day of the MCATs! I feel as if I am as prepared as I can be right now. I have studied my little heart out, especially this past week trying to brush up on important concepts and test taking techniques. I believe I am going to score well on it, with it being my first time taking the MCATs. I have taken a lot of practice tests and am confident that I understand how the test is set up. One of the workbooks my mom got me also described some of the "tricks" that can be seen on the MCATs and I feel as though I understand them. Now I just have to be confident in myself. I have to feel as though I know the information that is going to be on the MCAT. I studied up on my weak areas, so I am hoping that I have the information needed, especially after three years of classes.

It is just daunting to think that this test determines, in a large part, where I am going to get into medical school. I know the average scores of the incoming students at all of the medical schools I plan to apply to, and they seem reasonable. I just keep trying to tell myself that it is just a test, that I need to stay calm. I am also telling myself that if I do not obtain a score that I like this time, it IS okay. I can take the test again, many people do. If that means delaying my entry into medical school for a year, not exactly the path I would like, that it will still be okay. I do not really enjoy resorting to back up plans, but it will be okay if I have to.

Well it is time to leave to go take the test! Please send your good thoughts!

14 August 2010

Time to Catch Up!

It has been a very busy past couple of weeks for me! I've been making appearances, traveling, cheering, and vacationing all in these past few weeks since I last updated! Oh, and of course studying for the MCATs--eek!

Let's back up to a couple weeks ago, July 29th to be exact. It was a a busy day of appearances for me! I went to the Office of the Aging picnic. I had never attended this before and was not sure of what to expect. I thought it was just a little picnic with maybe 50 people? No way! There were over 500 senior citizens from all over Fulton County in attendance! I was able to go around with Lexi to meet and visit with almost every person in attendance. Had I known there were so many of them, I would have brought more than the 70 tear sheets that I did! I gave out and autographed all 70 tear sheets, which was awesome! The seniors in attendance were so incredibly nice and I had a great time meeting them. The event was very well put together and we had a blast! Then right after, I went to my chruch, St. Joseph's, to make an appearance at the annual festival. It was the first of three nights of the festival and there was a great turnout! I was able to visit with a lot of younger children, who were thrilled to touch my crown and to get an autograph. One girl was even happy because she is going to have the same teacher that I had in third grade this coming fall; it was incredibly cute!

The next day it was off to Elmira for cheerleading camp! One little problem--my car broke down in Schoharie on the way. That was definitely not a fun time...apparently brake routers never break? Well mine did, and the one on the other side was about to. My brake line broke at the same time so I definitely had a mini freak out session in the car. If you know me, you know that I hate to be late, and I knew that I was going to be late for the start of camp. After hours of waiting for my car to be fixed, it was finally ready and I was able to make my way to camp about two hours late. At least I was able to get there safely.

It was a long five days of precamp, getting ready for NCA camp in Boston. We got our Game Day Cheer and Rally Routine all ready so we would be prepared for what they threw at us at camp. We were able to meet 8 of the incoming freshmen that were invited to camp with us. Thankfully, they worked really well with the existing members of our team and we had a great week, regardless of the two-a-days. Then it was off to Boston for NCA camp! We had a fun time and got to see the staff that we've come to love in the past couple years. We all worked incredibly hard to show them that we were there to learn. We attended classes on chants, motions, dance, baskets, pyramids, and stunts. Although some of the stuff we learned was challenging, we worked together to learn the material they were giving us. All-in-all our hard work paid off! We won the Game Day Cheer out of everyone attending camp, placed third in our division for the Rally Routine, were voted Most Collegiate by the NCA staff, and won a Gold (Full-Paid) Bid to NCA Nationals!!! This is the first time in Elmira College Cheerleading history that a team has left camp with a full-paid bid! We were also the TOP TEAM at camp with a score of 283, with the second place team having 151 points. It was an amazing 3 days and we were definitely excited for everything we received!

Me in front of a Vanderbilt sign!

Then it was back to Elmira for the night, before leaving at 5am to catch a plane to Nashville, TN!! I was really excited because not only was I visiting friends in TN, but I was also visiting my number one choice for med schools--Vanderbilt University! The five days that I spent in Tennessee were the best days I feel I have ever had. It was a nice break away from everything and it was definitely needed. It also solidified that the plans that I have set for myself are what I actually want out of life. I loved the school, it is defintiely where I want to be. Now I just need the MCAT scores to get in.

Me at the waterfall during a hike!

Me and Joseph in Centenial Park next to Vanderbilt's campus!

Which brings me to what I will be doing for the next week: studying for the MCATs. All day, every day. I take the MCATs August 20th--so wish me luck! I'm going to need it...

Today was the Miss Fulton County Golf Tournament! We had a great turn out, and it was a great day. The weather was perfect for golfing, and everyone had a good time. I would like to say thank you to Danielle Trumbull, the first runner-up of Miss Fulton County 2010 and a good friend of mine, for volunteering her time at the golf tournament today. All contestants were asked to make it if they could, especially my court, and she was the only one that gave up her saturday morning. THANK YOU DANIELLE!

Well time to get back to studying...not fun.