20 August 2010

Today's the Day!

So today is the day of the test that determines a great majority of my years to come. That's right--it's the day of the MCATs! I feel as if I am as prepared as I can be right now. I have studied my little heart out, especially this past week trying to brush up on important concepts and test taking techniques. I believe I am going to score well on it, with it being my first time taking the MCATs. I have taken a lot of practice tests and am confident that I understand how the test is set up. One of the workbooks my mom got me also described some of the "tricks" that can be seen on the MCATs and I feel as though I understand them. Now I just have to be confident in myself. I have to feel as though I know the information that is going to be on the MCAT. I studied up on my weak areas, so I am hoping that I have the information needed, especially after three years of classes.

It is just daunting to think that this test determines, in a large part, where I am going to get into medical school. I know the average scores of the incoming students at all of the medical schools I plan to apply to, and they seem reasonable. I just keep trying to tell myself that it is just a test, that I need to stay calm. I am also telling myself that if I do not obtain a score that I like this time, it IS okay. I can take the test again, many people do. If that means delaying my entry into medical school for a year, not exactly the path I would like, that it will still be okay. I do not really enjoy resorting to back up plans, but it will be okay if I have to.

Well it is time to leave to go take the test! Please send your good thoughts!

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