11 September 2010


So I have survived the first full week of my senior year, and it looks like it is going to be a busy one! I am taking 17.5 credits this term with Foundations of Education (needed to graduate), First Year Italian, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Animal Behavior, Evolution (needed to graduate), and Beginning Private Guitar. The two classes marked are the only two classes I need to graduate to fulfill my Biology and General Education requirements. I have more than enough credits to graduate right now with almost 150 credit hours when you only need 120. Technically, I can graduate after this term, but then I would not be able to cheer, and I am definitely not giving up my senior year of cheering, especially when I could not compete last year due to a sprained neck. I will just be graduating with a lot of credits, I suppose. It's nice because a lot of my classes build off of each other, and are interrelated. They're also interesting, and I'm enjoying them more because they're what I've chosen, not what I've had to take. I've learned a few sentences in Italian already, and I've learned the notes on the first three strings of the guitar! I can play "Twinkle, Twinkle," haha! My Evolution class is probably my favorite because it brings up a lot of discussion. It's nice to get information about such a controversial topic, but when you actually break it down to to the biological definition of evolution, you can observe and measure it all of the time, making it a fact. It's when you go into relationships and a common ancestor that controversy starts to rise. All in all, I enjoy my classes and it should be a good term!

I am also working as one of the head dance instructors at Elmira Gymnastics Club. I worked for five hours on Thursday night teaching beginning ballet to the gymnasts both on team and off team. When I am not in classes or practice, I will be spending my time working at the gym, so teaching dance will keep me incredibly busy as well! It is nice because I can use their facilities to dance in, as well as to tumble in!

I am also going to be busy with practices for cheerleading. We are going to practice five days a week, Tuesday through Friday two hours a day, then a three hour tumbling practice on Saturdays. It is a lot with classes, homework, work, and practices, but I enjoy being busy, and hate having nothing to do. I am more efficient when I have a million things going on and can set strict deadlines for myself.

I am very excited for this term, but also for this year with cheerleading. After an amazing start with a full-paid bid to nationals, the team is ready to work incredibly hard to get what we want: another National Championship title! This is my last year to obtain the National title that I came to this school wishing for. I have been working harder than ever this year, especially on my standing tumbling. I have gotten tips and tricks from some amazing people, and have worked to get a consistant standing tuck. Although it is not consistant yet, I have been landing it more and more without a spot, so I am really happy about this. I went with a couple of my teammates to practice standing tumbling before open gym and tryouts. It definitely paid off because I even landed in line in front of Coach yesterday! I just keep thinking "Up, spot, bar, heels," which probably means nothing to any one else, but it helps me to land. I just have to stay confident with it.

So it is going to be a busy, crazy term, but I am more than ready for it.

Only 9 days until I find out my MCAT scores!

I just wanted to end this post by touching on the horrors that happened nine years ago today. I, like practically every other person that was old enough to remember that day, can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I was told about what had happened. I was in 7th grade in science class with one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Newvine. My friend, Kayla, was sitting next to me. It is incredible what you can remember with a flashbulb memory. I remember how confused I was, it did not make sense that a plane had hit the Twin Towers. I just kept thinking that my Uncle Anthony worked in New York City, and I had no idea where. Was he close to the Twin Towers? Was he okay? What about all of those people that worked there? Thankfully, my Uncle Anthony was not in the middle of the chaos, but there were so many people that were. Then to think of all of those heros, the firemen, the policemen, and everyone that stepped up that day who's lives were taken. It is a lot to think about, and we should never forget the events of this day nine years ago. I am writing this right before the ceremony that is happening at the flagpole here at Elmira College. However you choose to remember this, also remember to thank the troops that are currently fighting to defend our honor and our way of life overseas. I just want to say "stay safe" to those that are already over there, and those that are about to be deployed, especially to Colin Beswick, my suitemate's fiance, who is being deployed this Tuesday. Thank you for everything that you do, and come home safe!

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