29 May 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello everyone!

I kicked off Memorial Day weekend by being in the Johnstown Memorial Day Parade yesterday evening. After a morning of hiking in Ithaca, I drove back to Fulton County to be a part of this parade. I had been in it previous years when I was a member of the Broadalbin-Perth Marching Band. Yes, I know, hard to believe. I was the lone French Horn player in the band. I know that French Horns are not made to march with, but since you really couldn't hear me over the 70 other people in the band, and I was not any good to begin with, I do not think that Mr. C saw this as a big issue. Johnstown always does an excellent parade for Memorial Day, and there is always a great turn out.

It was nice to be able to dress up, and not in a marching uniform, for the parade. It was also nice to not have to march the whole time and thinking about whether I was stepping with the correct foot, or attempting to remember music that I did not know to begin with. It was a relaxing change that I definitely liked.

I rode with my Outstanding Teen, Alexis Swatt. She is such a nice girl and very smart too. I loved being able to spend some time with her. My mom and step-dad, Scott, drove us in a nice convertible from John C. Miller. Scott liked it a lot and kept saying he wanted the car. I would not mind one at all! It was nice to go down the parade route and see many people that I know throughout the community. I also liked seeing all of the children get excited when I looked their way and waved; it was adorable to watch their reactions. I am going to be in another parade on Monday in Gloversville. I believe the parade starts at 9:30, so come out to see it! Also, check out cu.leaderherald.com to see the rest of the pictures from the Johnstown Memorial Day Parade!

Though Memorial Day weekend is the kick-off to summer for many people, meaning it is time to get out on the lakes in Fulton County, it is also important to remember why we are celebrating this day. I would just like to say thank you to all of the men and women that have served and are currently serving in our armed forces to protect the freedoms that we take advantage of most of the time. Also, remember those that gave their lives protecting our way of life. The men and women in the armed forces are true heroes and deserve as much thanks as they can get for everything that they do. Listen to "The Snow White Rows of Arlington" by Sammy Kershaw to really get a tear-jerker during this Memorial Day. I heard it on my way home for the parade and actually cried in my car listening to it, that's how beautiful it is.

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