31 May 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Hello everyone!

Wishing you all a happy Memorial Day! Mine has definitely been a busy one! I started off the morning by participating in the Gloversville Memorial Day Parade. Lexi and I had a good time in the parade, and there was a HUGE turnout! It was great to see all of the people supporting the veterans of our community. A big thank you to all of the men and women that are serving, or have served in the armed forces. You do more for us than many care to notice.

After the parade, i stopped down at the Broadalbin Kennyetto Fire Company to grab a couple of burgers before I had to head back to school. Yes, BACK to school. Thanks to trimesters, I still have two more days of classes. I had to drive back for my dance final today. I performed the dance that I will be doing at Miss New York. To my surprise, we were performing on the grass. Not even on a stage on the grass, on the actual grass itself. Not a good idea when dancing. So naturally, when it was my turn to perform my dance, I slipped. You would think after 17 years of ballet, I would be more graceful!B But no, I was THAT girl that slipped. Everyone said it still looked good, and my aerial went well, so I was somewhat satisfied with the performance.

Now it is time to study for my first aid certification test tomorrow. As well as my physical conditioning test, but I dont think either of these will be a cause for concern. After tomorrow, I will be officially done with my junior year! So hard to believe that there's only one more year of undergrad studies left!

Enjoy your Memorial Day and remember what this day truly represents!

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