20 July 2010

Kindof Bored

I am currently on duty as an attendant at Broadalbin Volunteer Ambulance Corps (BVAC). As the title of this post states, I am kindof bored. I have only been here for half an hour, so I suppose that I cannot complain. I know that it is somewhat bad to wish for a "good" call, because it is bad for that person, but I have to say that I kindof am. So far I've only been able to hold a puke bag and watch glucose be given to a diabetic, not exactly thrilling. But I am still happy to do it. I am learning a lot about the EMS system from the people that I work with, and it's made me realize that I've never really stopped to think about how many people help out our communities in this way, and how many hours they truly put it. I can definitely say that the majority of them put in A LOT hours. I'm only on two nights a week and I get 24-30 hours. Too bad that's not paid.

That leads me to say, I'm still looking for a job. No one wants to hire college students. Not fun. I think it is pretty safe to say that I will not be getting a job in the next month that I'm home, unfortunately. So much for saving a bunch of money this summer...

Let's see what upcoming events I have...July 29th I will be making an appearance at the Office of the Aging at 11:30am. I will then be returning to Elmira College for cheerleading pre-camp July 30th! I cannot wait to be back with my team! We will then be heading to Boston for NCA College Cheerleading camp, where we will hopefully be coming back with our first full paid bid to nationals! We have a lot of talent on our team, so I'm very confident in our abilities! We will return to Elmira College August 6th. I will then be waking up really early the next morning to head to Tennessee to visit some cheerleading friends, and also to check out Vanderbilt University, which is where I hope to attend medical school. I will be returning August 12th, with just enough time to prepare for the Annual Miss Fulton County Golf Tournament August 14th! Last I heard there are still spots available, so be sure to check out the Miss Fulton County Website, which has recently been redone! Then everyone be sure to wish me luck as I take my MCATS August 20th! I'm nervous, but with all of the studying I have been doing, I am not too worried. But good wishes and prayers are still helpful! I will then be returning to Elmira College to start off my senior year by helping out with Fall Orientation, begining with training August 29th! There is the rest of my busy summer! If you feel like you would like to squeeze into this schedule by having me for an appearance, either contact me, or head to the Miss Fulton County Website to contact my Executive Director.

What can I say? I like to stay busy!

I believe that is all I have to report on for now. I still have to upload photos from my past appearances, I am sorry. Soon I will just have a post of pictures so that everyone can actually see what I have been doing!

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