15 July 2010



I know I have not updated in a while, but I wanted to let everyone know about the volunteering and appearances I have been doing since Miss New York.

Last week, I made an appearance at the Fort Hunter Fire Department's Canal Days. I helped the firefighters raise money for the first half of the day. I was then persuaded into being dunked in the dunk tank. I know, not incredibly glamorous, but it did help to raise a lot of money. It also felt good after being in the sun all day long. I was able to meet some great people and help raise money for an essential service in our communities.

Since Tuesday afternoon, I have been volunteering at my college, Elmira College, at the nationally and internationally recognized Orientation program. This is a three-part program, with the first portion being during the summer. It consists of Summer Registration (which I am at), Fall Orientation, and Parent's Weekend. I am an Orientation Leader, and therefore volunteer at all three sections. During Summer Registration (SR) we meet one third of the incoming freshman at each of the three registrations. This is where they are placed in groups of up to 12 students based on their majors. At this program they take three assessments, Writing, Math, and Foreign Language; they build bonds with their fellow classmates; and they register for their Term I classes. They also recieve their summer homework assignment that is due when they return to campus for Fall Orientation.

This is my third and final year volunteering as an Orientation Leader. This year I am a New Student Group Leader, so I actually get a group of 12 students that I help to integrate into the campus. All Orientation Leaders (OLs) give up at least a week of their summer for training and the program. As I said, I arrived here tuesday afternoon for training. The new students (the Phenomenal Class of 2014) arrived this morning and have already taken their Math Assessment, met with their Academic Adviser, and are now in the Foreign Language Assessment. Yes, we keep them busy!

The parents have their own program, mostly a lot of information thrown at them about the campus and our different policies. It is not very fun for them at all.

Well, the students are starting to finish up the Foreign Language Assessment, so I should get back to my OL duties!

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