15 June 2010

officially ready =)

I am pleased to announce that everything is set for Miss New York! Jenn and I finished some last minute shopping for jewelry and such today. I also made a personal purchase of Yankees sillybands for Caitlin and myself, which I was very happy about. I believe they were essential, although Caitlin already lost hers. Back to pageantry: My gown is being altered as we speak and will be ready for me by Thursday! YAY! Everything else is in and fits perfectly. I am very excited, and cannot believe that I will be in Albany in less than a week! I am also excited because my friends, family, and some teammates will be in Albany supporting me, which I greatly appreciate. I cannot imagine competing without them there. Especially Coleman, since he is apparently my "lucky charm" since he was there when I won Miss Fulton County, haha.

I am keeping myself busy before Miss New York. I have a meeting for the Broadalbin Volunteer Ambulance Corpt (BVAC) tomorrow night where I will hopefully be voted in as a member, I pick up my gown on Thursday, and I am scooping ice cream at a local elementary school because the students beat their teachers in a reading challenge! I visited them earlier in the year and promised to return if they beat their teachers. I am very proud of them, and I cannot wait to be a part of their celebration.

I have already started packing for Miss New York. I have packed 18 pairs of shoes so far. I will probably pack more before I am done. What can I say? I like shoes =)

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