11 June 2010

ready, set, almost time to go!

Everything has finally come in! My gown came in today, and so did my talent dress! Now the only things I need for Miss New York are some accessories, maybe another pair of shoes (I can always use another pair, right?), and just some dresses for appearances during pageant week.

Now that everything has come in, I feel like I can finally relax. The only thing I was stressing about was my talent dress coming in, since we did not think that it would be delivered until next week, which was cutting it a little close for me. Now I can finally take a breath and relax!

I just have to keep studying current events, politics, and more information on my platform. Jenn and I are going shopping for accessories and whatever else I need next week; last minute shopping is always the best!

I cannot believe that pageant week is almost here! It seems like just yesterday I was crowned as Miss Fulton County and thinking that pageant week seemed so far away! Now it is a little over a week away!

I have to say that I really have not put pressure on myself to win. I realize that I am a newcomer to Miss New York. I am just looking to learn from this experience and to represent Fulton County to the best of my ability. It is going to be much different than anything I have done before, and I really love new experiences. I know that I am going to learn a lot over pageant week, and I am really looking forward to it.

I suppose I should start packing pretty soon, huh?

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