18 June 2010

updates =)

Just wanted to post some updates on what I've been doing this week!

Wednesday night I attended a meeting at the Broadalbin Volunteer Ambulance Corps. I had put in an application to become a member when I was home in April. At the meeting I was voted in as a member. I was excited because this is a great way to learn more about the medical field while volunteering for my community. I did an internship at Nathan Littauer Hospital last summer, so this is a great extension of that. It is also a great way to use the skills that I learned in my cpr and first aid course during this past term 3. I had my first night as a member last night. The shift I did was 6pm-6am. There were not any calls, which is good for the community, but I have to say that I did want some excitement my first night. I guess I have much more time for that, haha.

After my 12 hour shift, I went to Pleasant Ave Elementary to help with their Fun Day. The students were in a competition with the teachers to see who could read the most pages. The students won and had read, I believe, over 245,000 pages! So they won a Fun Day, complete with bouncy-bounces and a bunch of outdoor activities! I even got to go on the bouncy-bounce to practice some tumbling for cheerleading between a couple groups. The students thought my tucks and layouts were amazing, haha. I was going to do a full, but decided not to chance it right before Miss New York. After being injured 3 times during the cheerleading season, the first right after the Miss Fulton County pageant, the last thing I need is to be injured right before Miss New York! I then helped with scooping ice cream and helping with sprinkle distribution. The students were all very polite and grateful for the ice cream. The perfect end to their day was being able to hit their principal and I believe their gym teacher in the face with pies! They were such great sports about it, but I was happy that I was not the one with whipped cream all over my face and hair! I then visted a couple classes to give them autographed tear-sheets Miss Fulton County had made up for me. The students loved them! I was also happy to get rid of so many because I have sooooooo many! I told my suitemate that if I do not use them all, that we're wallpapering our room in them next year!

All in all, it was a good day, and I had a lot of fun. Visiting the schools are always a good time =)

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