27 June 2010

Pageant Week is Over

It is now Sunday, which means that the Miss New York pageant is over. I cannot believe that it is actually over! I had a great time, and I would just like to say again, congratulations to Miss New York 2010, Clair Buffie. She will be an amazing representative for New York not only at Miss America, but for the entire year. I believe that she knows what direction Miss New York wishes to travel, and has the resources and knowledge to see it through. I cannot wait to go to Vegas, or wherever they decide to hold Miss America this year, to support her!

It was an amazing and busy week, but I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot about pageants in general, but also about myself. Everyone that I've talked to has said that it was an amazing show. I have to say that my feet are happy that the week is over because they are sore from not only wearing heels to everything, but from dancing in heels all day.

Now that Miss New York is complete, it is time to start planning Miss Fulton County 2011! The big 40th anniversary show! I'm very excited for this and I cannot wait to see what we come up with! I'm hoping that some of my Miss New York Class of 2010 will be able to come to the pageant to show Fulton County how talented our state truly is! This year will be an awesome one!

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